Started in May 2011, Gryff Publishing, Ltd. was established to provide a new means of publishing exciting new titles from up-and-coming authors. At Gryff Publishing, Ltd., we believe the words of the author are the most treasured product, and that the authors should be compensated as such. 

When authors have to typically choose between going the traditional publishing house, who tend to remove control from the author on how their work is presented and provide them nominal royalties on the sale of their work, or to self-publish their work, which comes with a plethora of legal, technical and business requirements that can be difficult to navigate, Gryff Publishing, Ltd. offers a service that falls in that innovative space between. 

We search for authors with intriguing and entertaining stories to tell and work hand-in-hand with them to develop a holistic brand and go-to-market strategy that will provide them the best chance for success. Gryff Publishing, Ltd. will also support the author in handling the legal and technical needs of a book launch, taking care of the tedious tasks of converting the novel into the numerous formats required to have it available through a vast number of avenues online as well as work towards getting it into the brick-and-mortar stores.

Gryff Publishing, Ltd. will do it's best to create a product that will reduce costs, maximize profits, and create a great chance of success for an author. 
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